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Heuristics, Bias & Critical Thinking Skills for Testers

Matt Mansell

Monday 10 August 9:00am - 4:30pm

Test analysis is hard work!

The reality is that when testing is done well it is a cognitively difficult and taxing exercise. Because of this there are many traps we can fall into where we take cognitive short cuts to make our testing easier.

Matt Mansell has designed a workshop to help you become a better tester by helping you to recognise the value and short comings of current accepted approaches to testing.

By drawing on current research in Cognitive Science, Psychology and Neurophysiology we can understand how our brains work and how to make the most of this in our testing. When we are working at our best our testing is both intuitive and analytical. This workshop will help you to be better tester by helping you to become skilled at using the most powerful test tool there has ever been; your brain.

Communications Skills For Testers

Julie Gardiner

Monday 10 August 1:00pm - 4:30pm

Communication is at the heart of our profession. No matter how advanced our testing capabilities are, if we can’t convey our concerns in ways that connect with key members of the project team, our contribution is likely to be ignored. Because we act solely in an advisory capacity, rather than being in command, our power to exert influence is almost entirely based on our communication skills.

With people suffering information overload and deluged with emails, it is more important than ever that we craft succinct and effective messages, using a range of communication modalities.

Join Julie Gardiner as she draws on techniques from journalism, public relations, professional writing, psychology, and marketing to help you get your message across.

Key themes include: non-verbal communication, presentation skills, persuasive writing, influencing skills, graphic communication, and communicating in teams and meetings. A range of hands-on exercises will be used to practice the concepts being discussed.

Test Attacks for Testing Mobile Apps

Julie Gardiner

Monday 10 August 9:00am - 12:30pm

According to ABI Research, this year over 90 million wearable devices will be shipped around the world. If this category of product hasn’t already affected your life personally or professionally then it will do soon. Given the massive demand for wearables and mobile devices, how do we absorb all the possible platform combinations and permutations of events into out already brimming over test scope?

However as always when faced with gargantuan testing tasks, a few key ‘smarts’ deployed in appropriate measure and focus can make all the difference. In this session, Julie Gardiner shares experiences of different projects where investment in testing mobile applications has ranged from zilch to significant dollars. She will share how to develop these key ‘smarts’ based on your situation, useful techniques that can really pay dividends as well as opportunities for using tools where possible.

Finally Julie describes how get mobile testing taken seriously with the appropriate level of investment and information to demonstrate value to your company.