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TEST TEAM BIG DAY OUT PROMOTION!                            

As a Test Manager you are no doubt familiar with the challenges of testing and the commitment it takes both professionally and personally. So we thought that our annual Conference at Copthorne Oriental Bay might offer you the opportunity for you and your team to take a day out from the coalface and grab the opportunity to rub shoulders with peers and pick the brains of our presenters.

Maybe treat it like a Testing Big Day Out!

Now, just to make things interesting, bring along 10 or more folks and your registration is completely complimentary and that’s in addition to all other discounts!

Secondly, to recognise those folk on your team who go well beyond the call of duty, we’ll set aside a slot where those folk nominated by you as manager will be publically acknowledged before all Conference attendees. This will involve those selected called out and honoured in a manner befitting (don’t worry, this will be done in a completely professional manner as we have no wish to put anyone on the spot who might be uncomfortable.)

Now, qualify for these two offers you need to register yourself and your team here. Then you’ll need to drop me an email at ed@nztester.co.nz nominating your ‘stars’ and provide a brief 100-word description of why you’re nominating. This can be specific or completely generic, it’s up to you.

Anyway, I hope this offer might peek your interest. Lemme know if you need any further details and I’ll get onto it straight away.

- Geoff